The Purpose of Hack Decks™

Hack Decks™ is a women-owned business with a purpose. Our purpose is to reduce or combat the stress and isolation many feel during transitional periods in their lives. For example, using our prompt cards after becoming a new mom (New Mama Deck) or going off to college (Dorm Deck) can reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. Embedded in each deck is our mission to positively impact people's mental health and wellbeing.

In addition, our decks focus on topics or pain points where anxiety can occur. For example, Declutter Deck® addresses home organization after children leave the home (empty nesters), when downsizing, dealing with the clutter that comes from having young children, and as people combine households. In other words, a calm home equals a calm life.

Further, our Date Deck® addresses mundane routines that couples often fall into after dating for several years, children are born, or when the kids have left home for good. Our Date Deck® helps couples change up their date night routines and put the fun back into getting to know each other again. This deck helps couples reconnect and find different ways to spend time together.

Finally, our Random Acts of Kindness Deck encourages connection with loved ones, friends, or people you'd like to get to know better. It's great for school classroom projects to encourage children to learn more about kindness and kind gestures. Or, it can be incorporated at a yoga Shala to take on the idea of kindness as a community effort.

Our decks are different from other self-help methods because Hack Decks™ empower users not only to think positively, but also to act positively. There is a lot of research available about the impact of positive psychology. Hack Deck™ prompt cards encourage users to establish healthy habits that last.

A Little Bit About Us

Hack Decks™ is owned by The Uncluttered Life, Inc. Originally based in Southern California and now in the DFW area, The Uncluttered Life® is a home organization company that focuses on creating an uncluttered life. Clutter is not only about physical clutter. It includes mental and psychological clutter, too.

Owners Danica and Cathy not only believe in reducing clutter which in turn reduces stress, but also in life simplification. This means becoming more productive in fewer hours, having less "stuff," and focusing less on material goods that need to be cleaned, organized, and managed. Our prompt cards help you spend less time doing things the hard way and find a simpler approach to life.

Repetition is the name of the game when it comes to healthy habits. Return to your deck regularly until you've worked through its entire set of motivational prompts. And, please visit our site often for updates and additions to our product line.

Delegate to the Deck®.

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Hack Decks™ - Description of Motivational Boxed Card Decks

Date Deck®

Date Deck® puts the fun back in date night. Each prompt card suggests enjoyable, connection-building activities to do together as a couple. The prompts get you out of your comfort zone or dating rut and spending time together in creative new ways. Doing new things together can help you grow individually and as a couple. With Date Deck®, there is no more defaulting to your go-to restaurant because you can't think of anything else to do. No more endless scrolling and googling to find something new, only to realize that after all that research you're too tired to make the effort. Rather than spending your time and energy planning, spend it enjoying each other’s company.

Date Deck® is a collection of easy-to-do, creative prompts for couples to add joy and spontaneity to their lives. Just pick a card and follow the prompt. It’s that simple!

Date Deck® is designed to help couples ease the stress of decision-making to create entertaining, simple or romantic dates. They make a great gift for a couple's wedding shower, wedding, or anniversary.

Declutter Deck®

Declutter Deck®, developed by The Uncluttered Life, Inc. professional organizers, eliminates the biggest obstacles to getting organized. One of the biggest organization obstacles is often not knowing where to start. And, many times, feeling daunted by the scope of the decluttering task or project.

Declutter Deck® is designed to help people get their homes organized through micro-organizing prompt cards. The cards break down large tasks into smaller ones that are manageable. Rather than trying to tackle your entire closet at once, for example, your card may prompt you to organize only what's on your closet floor. Or maybe your card prompts you to clean out and organize the supplies under your kitchen sink. The tasks are varied and once the deck is completed, the main spaces of your home are thoroughly organized.

Each Declutter Deck® card is designed to take between 30 minutes and one hour. Once an hour is up, you're finished for the day. In that amount of time, you've likely made a lot of progress. This is a stress free way to chip away at clutter and chaos once and for all. The cards reduce the stress of devoting hours of free time to organization.

Declutter Deck® was our first life Hack Deck™ and created to help our home organization clients get and stay organized. This deck of cards not only helps organize your home; it also helps organize your life.

Declutter Deck® is great for people with ADHD, too. It increases productivity and attention to tasks that many with ADHD have trouble completing.

Dorm Deck

Dorm Deck gives first-time college students a leg up on college and dorm room living. It also teaches the best ways to manage both time and a new life away from home. In addition, it encourages students to set productive habits during the first year of college. Dorm Deck helps new undergrads establish healthy habits for studying, creating new friendships, and navigating an unfamiliar city.

Dorm Deck cards also reduce decision fatigue and anxiety. They help students make good choices, set productive habits and goals, and reduce feelings of isolation. Our deck emphasizes ways to maintain good mental health while negotiating a new living environment.

The first year of college can be stressful, especially the first semester. This is especially true when living away from home for the first time. Give the gift of good mental health to young adults as they make their way into the world. Dorm Decks are a great graduation gift or a little "I'm thinking of you" gift to mail off to your favorite, hard working student.

New Mama Deck

Our New Mama Deck is close to our heart. We developed this special deck to help new moms transition into motherhood. New Mama Decks focus on mom's mental health and the way to overcome challenges of having a newborn. We also encourage new moms to take care of themselves.

Postpartum issues are trying for many. Many new moms are afraid to reveal that they are experiencing postpartum depression, for example. The truth is, many women struggle with postpartum depression after giving birth. Rather than being a support system to one another, many women deal with it alone.

There isn't a lot of time to check in with yourself in those early days of having a newborn. However, pulling a prompt card that encourages you to think about yourself and what you need can be the difference between feeling lost and feeling centered. Most importantly, moms who takes care of themselves are that much better at navigating the struggles of motherhood. Moms tend to forget themselves during the newborn phase. Our New Mama Deck reminds new moms that they still deserve care and nurturing. Mama matters, too!

New Mama Deck provides life hacks for new moms when they are overwhelmed with things to do and little time to do them. This deck also helps new moms reduce both mental and physical fatigue. In addition, it encourages mom to stay connected to herself and others during this transitional period of life. While motherhood is a magical time, it is also a time of stress and increased isolation. Our New Mama Deck increases awareness of mental health during the early days of motherhood. It also provides prompts to encourage good, long-term mental health habits.

Our prompts provide ideas to find more one-on-one time with baby and a little extra personal time for mom to rest and recharge her batteries. Personal time is an important part of motherhood that many new moms forget to prioritize. The saying goes, "You can't pour from an empty cup" and New Mama Deck reinforces this important concept. New Mama Deck encourages the mental health and "time for yourself" aspect of motherhood.

Random Acts of Kindness Deck

Of course, sending flowers is always a kind gesture of gratitude. But, there are many ways to show both kindness and gratitude in small gestures that are inexpensive and more creative. Random Acts of Kindness Decks help you give to others who either play a significant role in your life, or with whom you’d love a deeper connection.

Random Acts of Kindness Decks provide creative ways to say “thank you” or show gratitude. The prompts are heart centered, thoughtful expressions of love. In addition, they help you take action to create the "ripple effect." When we are kind, we inspire others to be kind, and it creates a "ripple effect" that spreads outward. Random Acts of Kindness Decks encourage kindness as a lifestyle rather than a random, one-off gesture.

Random Acts of Kindness Deck is also a wonderful way to teach your kids about the importance of kindness and compassion. They are perfect as a family tradition during the holidays, and all year round.

Work through the deck and then gift it to another. This also helps to encourage the "ripple effect" of kindness.

How to Use Life Hack Decks™

Hack Decks™ are designed to encourage you to prioritize your time and yourself. They also help you improve your mental health and overall wellness by creating a sense of calm. Think of Hack Decks™ as self-care in a box.

Rather than waste your precious time trying to figure things out alone, and feeling alone in doing so, pull a card and work through the prompt. Let the prompt on the face of the card guide you – it’s that simple!

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Benefits of Hack Deck™ Prompt Cards

Instead of learning by trial and error or figuring things out alone, outsource help. These practical tips and tricks make life easier! You benefit from the experience of professionals who show you the ropes.

Each themed motivational card deck helps you become more productive, rewire everyday routines, explore new places, and reconnect to yourself and others.

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You Need a Life Hack Deck™

Life Hack Decks™ offer a unique twist on a particular topic. Our goal is to make life simpler and more enjoyable with little to no additional effort. What could be better than that?

Check back regularly for new releases as we frequently update our product offerings. We will soon be bringing more Hack Decks™ to this site and local shelves throughout the United States. You can currently find our life Hack Decks™ at Mosaic Makers Collective in Dallas, in stores throughout the United States, and on Faire wholesale marketplace.

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