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What's a Life Hack Deck™?

Life Hack Decks™ are powerful, micro-prompt motivational cards designed to make your life more enjoyable and fun while reducing the brainpower it takes to get out of everyday routines, explore a new environment, or reconnect to yourself and others. In fact, our Hack Decks® take the stress out of decision-making and help you set productive, functional routines.

Hack Decks™ do this without all the mind space it takes to figure these things out for yourself while simultaneously increasing productivity and eliminating wasted time. In other words, we reduce decision fatigue and turning in circles.

Several of our decks motivate or prompt you to do things you’ve put off for years. Others are gentle reminders about what needs to be done at different stages of your life.

We currently offer five different Hack Decks™ which include Date Deck®Declutter Deck®Dorm Deck, New Mama Deck and Random Acts of Kindness Deck. Each is designed to make life easier during specific times in a person’s life or during transitional periods. Delegate to the Deck® and reduce decision fatigue with one of our five life hack decks.

Our instructional and fun life Hack Decks™ simplify ineffective or overplayed routines to help you move from stuck in a rut to inspired and empowered. Other decks are a collection of easy-to-do, encouraging prompts designed to put joy back into your weeks and get you a little out of your comfort zone. For example, with our Date Deck®there is no more painstaking googling or doom scrolling to decide where to go on your next date. Others, like our Dorm Deck, give first-time college students a leg up on how to manage their lives and set productive life habits. Let's save our mental energy for something that really calls for it, shall we? Hack Decks™ reduce anxiety and help you make good choices, set productive habits and goals, and reduce the feelings of isolation.

Each themed box of 52-cards has a different focus: Random Acts of Kindness Deck (for anyone - how can I show gratitude in unique and meaningful ways?), Date Deck® (for busy couples - what should we do this weekend?), Declutter Deck® (for householders - how can I finally get my home and life organized?), Dorm Deck (for college students - young adults leaving for school and living on their own for the first time), and New Mama Deck (for new moms - I’m overwhelmed and don’t know how to reconnect to myself, friends, and family).

Choose whichever deck is most appropriate to your current situation and take the stress out of trying to figure life out alone. Pull a card and let the prompt guide you – it’s that simple. We guarantee that these well-conceived prompts are relevant and tweak your current routine or mindset, taking it from boring, alone or stuck to fun, fresh, and adventurous.

Who Designs the Life Hack Deck™ Prompt Cards?

Rather than reinvent the wheel and learn by trial and error, we've crowd-sourced each life Hack Deck™ which includes both instructional and motivational prompts. Our life hacks have been carefully designed and researched by experts and seasoned pros in their field. We have distilled that knowledge and advice into themed decks that help you benefit from the experience of others.

Hack Decks™ is owned and created by The Uncluttered Life, Inc., a leader in home organization and time management. The Uncluttered Life® is a woman-owned business that focuses on efficiency, keeping you organized and in control of your life with little to no additional effort.

How Do I Use My Hack Deck™?

There’s nothing to it! Just pick a card and follow the prompt. That's it! If you're not in the mood for the card you’ve picked, no problem. Just put it back in the pile and pull a new card that feels right. Our life Hack Decks™ allow you to focus on the things that bring you joy, happiness, and connection with others rather than lingering in the mundane, anxiety producing ruts in which we often find ourselves. It’s like a self-help game, except it thinks out most things for you.

Work through each deck as quickly or as slowly as you'd like. When you've worked through the 52 cards, shuffle them, and start again. Or move onto a different deck to explore an entirely new topic that interests you.

What Makes Hack Decks™ Unique?

Hack Decks™ are a unique twist on how to approach a particular topic. These decks are a way to reduce the mental energy it takes to enjoy your life without spending the brainpower it takes for change to occur. For example, Date Deck® was designed to help couples ease the stress of decision-making to create fun or romantic dates. Instead of sitting on the couch, scrolling through menus and other people’s Instagram accounts, just pick a card and follow the prompt. No more arguing over what to do or where to go. It's a fun way to eliminate the mental burden of deciding how to enjoy your time together. 

Each deck is based on a different theme. Instead of learning by trial and error or figuring things out on your own, outsource it - Delegate to the Deck®. Let yourself benefit from the experience of others.

These days, you are always expected to be “on.” This takes you from "being” to “doing.” You see pictures of friends at various venues around town and wonder why you feel overwhelmed and unable to plan. You are constantly bombarded, staged or not, with images of happy people doing fun things, yet sit at home unable to decide how to put the fun back into your own life. It makes you feel like you're missing out instead of participating in life.

Hit the "off" switch with life Hack Decks™ and know that the thinking and planning have been done for you. Constant pressure to be doing something or being productive inevitably lead to "hamster wheel brain" and burnout.

Free up brain space to enjoy your life by simply eliminating the need to make decisions or be creative on your own. 

What Are Your Upcoming Deck Releases?

Our goal is to make your life simpler, and more enjoyable. With that in mind, we have tackled some of life's biggest transitions or anxiety-producing life events and topics. The following life Hack Decks™ are currently available on our site: Date Deck®, Declutter Deck®, Dorm Deck, New Mama Deck and Random Acts of Kindness Deck. As we increase our line of products, we will provide more information here in our FAQs.

Who Needs Life Hack Decks™?

Hack Decks™ are a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to spend less time wasting energy and more time enjoying life. 

Each life Hack Deck™ has a demographic in mind. They are THE perfect gift for engagements, bridal showers, wedding gifts, stocking stuffers, birthday presents, housewarming parties, graduation presents, and a myriad of other occasions! There's a deck for everyone, no matter their stage of life. Can't choose which deck to gift? No problem! Just grab a gift card and let the recipient pick out one they'd love to try.

Hack Decks™ are designed with one simple mission in mind: Live an easier, more enjoyable life with less stress, and definitely less effort! Delegate to the Deck® to reduce decision fatigue and make life more fun!

Please note: All decks are copyrighted and trademarked. No reproduction without written permission.