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Date Deck™

Date Deck™

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Friday night rolls around, and the pressing question is, “What do you want to do this weekend?”

If you’re anything like we are, you scroll endlessly on Instagram or Google to look for something fun to do. Or it’s your "Date Night," and the same new restaurant keeps popping up on your feed. Should you try this new "spectacular" restaurant or do something completely out of the ordinary? Chances are you head over to the featured restaurant, and the rest of the weekend is the same old, same old. Planning new things to do on the weekend or "Date Night" becomes just another task on top of your already very long to-do list.

Planning and overthinking can kill the romance as two people try to match their expectations for a fun time and agree on the best way to maximize time spent together. Having fun becomes filled with pressure and stress to have the best time ever. Not anymore! Date Deck™ to the rescue! 

Rather than trying to figure out where to go or what to do, Date Deck™ takes the work out of enjoying your weekends together as a couple. That way, you can save your time and energy for enjoying your date, rather than planning it. Think of it as outsourcing your date ideas.

Date Deck™ is a 52-card prompt deck that suggests and creates interesting and fun adventures to do together on the weekend or a weeknight date.

As in every relationship, each person has different strengths. Typically, it becomes the responsibility of one of the partners to coordinate something fun, hoping to get the other partner to feel excited about it and buy into the adventure.

Date Deck™ makes planning a fun date easier than ever before. Just pick a card from the 52-deck pile and let the Date Deck™ card guide you to your date destination or spark your adventure. Whether the prompt card motivates you to go beer or wine tasting, see some live music, or try something that scares you, Date Deck™ will strengthen your connection and nurture growth. 

Happiness has a multiplying effect. The more fun you and your partner have together, the more connected you become. In turn, the richer your life will be. Doing new things stimulates your brain, which encourages growth, both personally and as a couple. Growing together is one of the most important aspects of a healthy, thriving relationship. It doesn't matter if you have common interests. What matters is that both of you actively invest in each other and your relationship by being open to whatever card you pull. 

The importance of doing new things.

It may seem crazy to say that Date Deck™ can improve your brain function, but there is a scientific correlation! Every time you do something new, a new neuro pathway is formed. Novel experiences, or experiences outside of habit, are particularly effective in creating these new neuro pathways. Every time you pull a card and go on a date outside your normal date night routine, you are creating new pathways. This slowly rewires your brain for happiness as a couple. Developing these pathways has far reaching benefits. 

Ever heard the old phrase, "the more you do, the more you can do"? It's true! Every time you change up your routine and do something different, the brain is forced to adapt. With every adaptation, and new pathway created, the neuro pathways of habit become weaker. This can improve memory and stimulate the pleasure center of the brain. Additionally, "novel experiences" release dopamine, causing people to feel happier. Over time, consistent releases in dopamine cause us to become more motivated and productive. 

Change it up!

Try a new hobby. Go somewhere different or explore your city. Take in a game. Check out a comedy show. The possibilities are endless. Date Deck™ by life Hack Decks™ offers original and creative prompts to get you moving in the direction of fun and connection! It's even great for those who have been married a long time and fallen into repetitive patterns. Or for people who are new to the empty nest scene and trying to get to know each other again.

Tag us on Instagram @lifehackdecks to let us know how it’s going and show us pictures of your favorite dates. Happy dating!

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Our life Hack Decks™ are designed with one simple mission in mind: Delegate to the Deck™ to reduce stress and decision fatigue while improving your quality of life!

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