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Declutter Deck®

Declutter Deck®

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Declutter Deck® is a quick and easy card game that helps you declutter and organize your home in small, bite-sized chunks of time.

We are professional organizers who specialize in decluttering and organizing homes. We have organized hundreds of homes, closets, pantries and laundry rooms, just to name a few spaces. For this reason, we are considered declutter experts. In fact, we are Certified Master Organizers in the KonMari Method® (Marie Kondo).

Designed by women from The Uncluttered Life, Inc., a professional home organizing company, our team excels in Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method®. Home organization is our strong suit. Master Level Organizer is a distinction requiring a minimum of 1500 hours of home organizing and decluttering experience.

There are approximately fifty master organizers worldwide. Based on our experience of decluttering and home organizing, we have created Declutter Deck®. Declutter Deck® is filled with home organization tips and tricks. The decks use both the KonMari Method® and other home organizing techniques. You can learn home organization at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional organizing company to do the work for you. 

Our 52 organizing prompts break down the home organizing process into small and manageable parts. When pulling a card, Declutter Deck® guides you through the main areas of your home that need organization. This includes many areas of the home where organization is often forgotten. Declutter Deck® shows you ways to declutter your home, including closets, pantries, laundry rooms, mud rooms, kitchens, and living spaces. It even gets you outside to declutter your car.

Organization prompts from the KonMari Method® include tidying, decluttering and organizing clothes, then moving on to books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items), and, finally, sentimental items. In addition to tips and tricks from the KonMari Method® we remind you to do simple, general tasks that are often forgotten. These include card prompts such as "Make a list of home repairs and complete them" or "Clean out the trunk of your car." Each task card prompt can be accomplished in less than one hour at a time. This reduces the time spent on individual tasks and keeps you moving. All in all, these cards eliminate decision fatigue. 

Trust in this professional organizer team’s decluttering and organizing prompts to keep you focused and on track with step-by-step organizing tips.

Declutter Deck® minimizes your need to continuously reevaluate and reorganize parts of your home because they are never “quite right.” While hiring professional organizers can be a financial investment, this inexpensive box of organizing prompt cards provides tips and tricks like only professional organizers can. Although the KonMari® Method is one style of organization, we include other decluttering and organizing styles. All prompts are method-based. Each prompt card is self-paced, easy to implement, and fun to do.

To use Declutter Deck®, simply draw a card and perform the decluttering or organization task. Once you have completed the deck, shuffle and start again. (An intermediate deck will be coming soon!) This allows you to declutter and organize the most frequently used parts of your home and keep them organized. (As you are decluttering and organizing, we suggest you reduce what you own by 20%. Reduce more if you can!) Declutter Deck® motivates you to clear your space, alleviating stress that accompanies owning too much or more than you need. You can do more with less!

Declutter Deck® is perfect for anyone who gets overwhelmed at the thought of home organizing. Or, for that matter, simply doesn’t know where to start. While each task takes less than an hour, the cumulative effect these task cards have on your home and life organization is incredibly impactful.

Each Declutter Deck® comes in a branded box that is perfect for gift-giving. Declutter Deck® makes the ideal gift for housewarmings, wedding showers, people combining households, first-time homeowners, downsizing families, busy parents, or anyone who just needs a little help getting organized. The card prompts in this box take the mental fatigue out of decluttering and home organization and give you step-by-step instructions for organizing your home. They make decluttering and organizing hassle-free and show you ways to declutter and organize your home once and for all.

See the immediate change in your energy and focus as you get your life and home in order with organizing tips and tricks from The Uncluttered Life, Inc.

You will notice an immense improvement in your energy as you reduce the things you own. We suggest keeping only what serves you and your lifestyle and decluttering the rest. Decluttering and organizing lift a weight off your shoulders you didn't even know existed!

Don’t forget to follow us at @lifehackdecks for tips and tricks related to these and our other Hack Deck™ prompt cards.

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Our life Hack Decks™ are designed with one simple mission in mind: Delegate to the Deck® to reduce stress while improving your quality of life!

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Customer Reviews

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Madison Cavazos
So helpful!!!

This deck is so beyond helpful. I have decluttered things I didn’t even know were cluttered!! This deck WILL motivate you to clear your space, which relieved so much stress since I was living in so much clutter. Thank you Hack Decks! This deck is a game changer 🎉 Can’t wait to try more of your decks!