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New Mama Deck

New Mama Deck

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Motherhood is one of the most beautiful things any woman experiences.

As a new mother, you feel full of possibility as you watch a brand-new life come into the world. Your world! You hang on every sound your new baby makes as you stare at this little miracle that is yours. You may, too, feel overwhelmed and exhausted, although many women are afraid or embarrassed to admit it.

After bringing baby home from the hospital and life returns to a “new normal,” you can very often feel a shift – there is little time left for you in between changing diapers, feedings, laundry, and tummy time. One important question new moms often ask themselves is: where did the ME time go? And how do I meet and juggle all these new demands on my time? This is especially true for first time moms. Much of this is attributable to decision fatigue. Decision fatigue occurs when you need to make the many micro-decisions (and not-so-micro decisions) of caring for a newborn. This constant decision-making can cause overload and anxiety.

Being a first-time mom is challenging, considering new routines that are different from your life prior to baby. These challenges might include reevaluating career plans. They might also include household tasks that never get done. And, for sure, keeping track of everything for two people, not just one. Remember, your life goes from taking care of yourself to taking care of a newborn and yourself. The demands are completely different. Toss in sleepless nights, dirty diapers, spit up milk just after a bath and outfit change, and the going gets exhausting. The last thing you want from anyone is unsolicited advice about how to manage it all. No, thank you. “I got this,” you think to yourself. And you do! But a few tips and tricks wouldn't hurt, either.

Getting used to this new role takes time and patience.

Once you settle into your routine and the groove of this new mama role, you might notice that something is lacking. What’s lacking, for many new mothers, is personal time and space. The days blur together, and the nights feel eternal. It might be hard to feel like yourself again when time you once took for granted is no longer yours. Every thought revolves around your baby’s well-being and happiness.

These feelings can be hard to process. And while you’re overwhelmed with joy about the arrival of your newborn, it’s also true that you are, most likely, tired, and filled with angst. This time of life is full of ups and downs and everything in between. While working through this new phase of life, remember to be gentle with yourself as you navigate motherhood. And try to learn from others who have gone through it before.

A "Women's Circle" in a Box

For this reason, we created our New Mama DeckThink of it as a "Women's Circle" in a box. It's designed by women who've set an intention to support one another. The New Mama Deck encourages women to be their most authentic selves. It's made and designed by experienced moms.

Our New Mama Deck offers sound advice and wisdom (from a distance and without pressure), and tips and tricks to make this phase of life a little easier. Learn from others who have done this before you. Our decks offer caring, constructive, and non-judgmental suggestions (in the form of prompts) with no one looking over your shoulder.

New Mama Deck prompt cards are designed with love to support and guide new moms into this emerging phase of life with a little one. They remind you that this rollercoaster ride is completely normal.

We know you may feel overcome with joy and love one minute, and twenty minutes later be overwhelmed with doubt and anxiety. That’s why our New Mama Deck is specifically designed to be easy – NOT overwhelming. It’s not a book you have to read, or another thing on your long list of chores. It’s a collection of crowd-sourced new mom tips and tricks that you won’t have to learn on your own, and most importantly they are focused on you.

Becoming a mother presents so many challenges - especially when it comes to taking care of yourself. We’re here to remind you that you can’t pour from an empty cup. In other words, you need to fill yourself up with little things that make your life feel slightly less demanding while caring for a newborn. We've included a few "pro-tips" that many moms have learned the hard way. They are tried-and-true methods to help you feel more comfortable in your new role. We also offer reminders to reconnect to yourself.

To use, shuffle the New Mama Deck, pull a card from the deck of 52 boxed prompts, and complete the prompt card. It's that simple! We recommend pulling a card 3-4 times per week to carve out even twenty minutes that lift you up and help you take a deep breath.

A Great Gift

Hack Decks™ are a perfect addition to include with a baby shower gift or send to a new mom once her baby arrives. The decks remind her to take time to care for herself so that her energy and stamina stay higher than going it alone.

New Mama Decks also remind a new mom to ask for help in ways that make a difference. This includes asking for help from family, friends, a spouse, or anyone else who can offer support. Motivational prompts include reminding mama to text a friend, reconnect to herself in a variety of ways, and schedule a date night with her partner. These seemingly small prompts can make a world of difference in her life and ability to keep going during difficult days. Prompts remind mom that giving back to herself gives her baby that much more.

Remember, being a mom is hard! Every single day is an accomplishment.

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Our life Hack Decks™ are designed with one simple mission in mind: Delegate to the Deck™ to reduce stress and decision fatigue while improving your quality of life!

Hack Decks™ are made by women (and wise moms).

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