About Hack Decks™

What is a Life Hack and Why Were Life Hack Decks™ Created?

Simply put, life hacks are strategies or techniques adopted to manage your time and daily activities in a more efficient way. For this reason, we created Life Hack Decks™ that take the work out of decision-making and set up easy-to do routines to make life more manageable. Life Hack Decks™ save you time and effort, and help you become more productive. Each of our decks provides tricks and tips, suggestions for doing things smarter, not harder, and showing you ways other people have improved their lives with little tweaks to their routines.

What Decks do you Offer?

Declutter Deck, our original prompt deck, is a great way to get your home and life organized without the help of a professional organizer. Designed by professional organizers themselves, this prompt deck takes you room by room to help you get and stay organized. The prompt cards take bite-sized chunks of work that need to be done and break them into easy-to-manage pieces that, in the end, declutter and organize your entire home and life.

“Get in Touch with a Friend” or “Schedule a Date Night” are suggestions and instructional prompt cards for new moms who might feel isolated, or even experiencing feelings of loneliness after giving birth. These New Mama Deck cards remind new moms to take care of themselves during one of life’s hardest transitions.

Other card prompt decks are for fun. They get you out of a standard, boring routine. This is the purpose of our Date Deck. Our Date Deck™ helps you and a partner reconnect, stop doing the “same old thing” and go exploring, learn more about each other, and have fun together. Everyone can use more fun in their

Dorm Deck, created for new college co-eds, includes prompts such as “Do Your Laundry” or “Call Your Mom.” Designed for first time college students, this deck serves as a gentle reminder of things that need to get done without a parent’s constant reminder. It also helps students set up a functional, easy routine.

Finally, we offer our Random Acts of Kindness Deck that helps you reach out to others in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Let’s face it, connection with others is key, and sometimes we don’t know how to help a struggling friend or deepen a connection to an acquaintance we’d love to know better. Follow the Random Acts of Kindness Deck to connect to others and feel better about yourself by showing kindness and gratitude to those around you. Near or far, these prompts give you creative ideas to stay in touch with those you love.

Watch for our upcoming decks as we help you move through many of life’s transitions. We have a few Aces Up Our Sleeve and know that by working through our 52-card prompt decks, life and decision-making will become that much easier. Our motto: Delegate to the Deck™.

dorm deck declutter deck date deck

Instructional Cards

Some portions of a person's life need guidance. For that reason, we have created several decks that are instructional and help you meet life head on. These include our Dorm Deck and New Mama Deck. These decks "show you the ropes" without being overwhelming; they teach you to navigate a new situation with confidence and ease. Instead of trying to figure things out on your own, these decks get you to a place that makes forming a routine or learning something new that much easier.

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Life Hack Decks™ - Delegate to the Deck™

"Work Smarter, Not Harder" - The Hack Deck™ Philosophy ofDelegate to the Deck™

Hack Decks™ were born of the philosophy, "work smarter, not harder." We call these life Hack Decks™ because they truly reflect the essence of life hacks. "Life hacks" are simple and clever tips or techniques to accomplish familiar tasks more easily and efficiently. Life hacks, as they are known, are all about eliminating life’s frustrations in a simple and clever way. Our powerful, micro-prompt Hack Decks™ are designed with one simple mission in mind: Live an easier, more enjoyable life... with less stress and much less effort! Free up brain space and decision-making struggles with the help of a 52-piece card deck. Sounds ideal, right? If your answer is "yes," then Delegate to the Deck™.

Each Hack Deck™ is based around a theme, such as with our New Mama Deck (becoming a new mother), Dorm Deck (young adults leaving for college and living on their own for the first time), Declutter Deck® (getting organized by following bite sized decluttering prompts), Date Deck (discovering fun date ideas), and Random Acts of Kindness Deck (showing gratitude, connecting or reconnecting with others). Our Hack Decks™ are filled with prompts and pro-tips gathered from people who have been through it all or learned the hard way. We have synthesized their input, ideas, and experiences, as well as including tips from professionals in their field, into micro-prompt instructional and motivational cards that guide you on your journey. And you can do all this without the struggle of figuring out life hacks for yourself.

Some Hack Decks™ are Motivational and Others are Instructional

Some of our card decks are motivational in nature and others are more instructional. Each is designed for a specific period or transition in your life. As our line of decks grows, you will find that one or more pertain to your specific situation and help you navigate unfamiliar waters, ease your burden, and help you find time for the things you enjoy. They also take away the overwhelming feeling of decision-fatigue or analysis paralysis, something we all face when encountering life’s transitions.

If you're anything like we are at The Uncluttered Life, Inc., you want to spend more time doing something, instead of figuring out what or how to do it. Enter life Hack Decks™. No more tedious planning and researching, no more doom scrolling for ideas, and no more decision fatigue. Just a simple prompt deck of cards to guide you out of your current rut, comfort zone or situation and into a more enjoyable, happy, and adventurous life.

What is Decision Fatigue or Analysis Paralysis?

Decision fatigue is a real thing. It is also called Analysis Paralysis. Analysis Paralysis occurs when we overthink a situation and then are unable to make any type of decision at all. With Decision Fatigue or Analysis Paralysis, an individual can have more data than they need. The result is an endless struggle over the pros and cons of each option and an inability to make a choice. Life Hack Decks™ eliminate this indecisiveness by providing micro-prompts that move you from thinking too much to acting. The prompts we provide are easy, bite-sized, and less than an hour’s time commitment. Each deck is focused on a topic and helps you discover the best way to tackle a situation or increase your happiness and connection with others. Our Date Decks, for example, provide suggestions for doing something different or unique with a partner or getting your creative juices flowing. Each prompt card is a creative use of time. Your commitment is not overwhelming, just guided.