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We can all use a life hack now and again. Hack Decks™ are on-trend, motivational and instructional Life Hacks in a Box™ designed to improve mental health and wellbeing. We offer five unique card decks: Date Deck®, Declutter Deck®, Dorm Deck, New Mama Deck, and Random Acts of Kindness Deck. Purchase a Hack Deck™ to reduce stress, increase efficiency and productivity, and support mental health and wellness. Hack Decks™ offer guidance and creative solutions during many of life's transitions and changes. Our Life Hacks in a Box™ are particularly helpful to a new mom, first time college student or a downsizing family. They make great gifts for a friend, co-worker, or loved one. Each deck of 52 card prompts is easy to use, fun, reduces stress, and encourages positive thinking.

Date Deck®

Our Date Deck® provides great date night ideas. Rather than trying to figure out where to go or what to do, Date Deck® takes the work out of enjoying your date night or weekends together as a couple. That way, you can save your time and energy for enjoying your date, rather than planning it. Think of it as outsourcing your dating ideas. Date Deck® gets you out of a boring routine and adds fun back into your life.

Date Deck® - Affirmation, Inspiration, Motivation Cards

Declutter Deck®

Declutter Deck®, our original offering, is a great way to get your home and life organized without the help of a professional organizer. Designed by professional organizers themselves, Declutter Deck® takes you room by room and step-by-step to help you get and stay organized. The deck provides task-based prompts that help you both declutter and organize your home, car, and living space. A must for those who don't know where to start. Also great for those with ADHD.

Declutter Deck® - Instruction, Motivation Cards

Dorm Deck

Our Dorm Deck prompts, for example, include “Do your laundry” and encourage many ways for college students to get and stay organized. Designed for first time college students, this deck serves as a gentle reminder of personal responsibilities that need to be done without a parent’s constant watchful eye. And it supports students as they set up functional routines to establish good habits for life. Dorm Decks help students adjust to dorm room living and become familiar with a new city or environment.

Dorm Deck - Instruction, Motivation Cards

New Mama Deck

“Get in touch with a friend” or “Take time to yourself” are suggestions in our New Mama Deck. This deck is designed for new moms who might feel isolated after giving birth. These cards also remind new moms to take care of themselves during one of life’s hardest and most rewarding transitions. The cards provide uplifting new mama advice without saying a word.

New Mama Deck - Affirmation, Instruction, Motivation Cards

Random Acts of Kindness Deck

Random Acts of Kindness Deck suggests creative ways to reach out to others in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Follow the Random Acts of Kindness Deck prompts to connect to others and create the "ripple effect" of kindness. Random Acts of Kindness Decks can then be re-gifted to others to offer kindness to loved ones, friends, or co-workers. A great gift for teachers, too. 

Random Acts of Kindness Deck - Affirmation, Instruction, Motivation Cards

Hack Decks™ are designed to improve your mental health and wellbeing. Delegate to the Deck®. All decks are copyrighted.