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Creators of Hack Decks - lifehacks - random acts of kindness - dorm - new mom - declutter - date night

Hack Decks™ is a woman-owned business created to help people connect to themselves and others. We believe in the ability to positively impact mental health. Our area of expertise is in home organization and time management, as well as productivity and efficiency. Our home organization company, The Uncluttered Life, Inc., offers in-home organization. We also work with clients on a virtual basis. 

Declutter Deck® was the inspiration for Hack Decks™. As we watched people struggle to get control of their living environment, we witnessed the emotional toll it took on them. Working with people on a one-on-one basis provided insight into the strain clutter puts on both individuals and families. Having trained in the KonMari® (Marie Kondo) home organization method, we have had the opportunity to work with many clients. Often times we've seen an emotional component that goes along with clutter, and the release people feel when a space is organized. Creators of Hack Decks - Random Acts of Kindness - first date ideas - dorm life - declutter home - new mom ideas
date night ideas delcutter tips dorm life help Having created our Declutter Deck®, we then found that there were other areas of life to tackle. Primarily, our Hack Decks™ focus on topics that can easily lead to anxiety and isolation. These include transitioning into motherhood, going off to college, visual clutter and disorganization, date night ideas that help couples connect, and community impact. As mothers, we have seen the stress that transitions can put on an entire family. Change is hard for a lot of people, and we have worked to address areas that affect many.

Our decks are different from typical affirmation cards or prompt cards. Hack Decks™ empower users not only to think positively, but act on their own behalf to improve their lives. Our prompts encourage users to establish healthy habits that last, while fostering connection to others and themselves.

Creators of Hack Decks - Prompt Cards - Lifehacks - New Mom - Date Ideas - Dorm - Declutter - Random Acts of Kindness
Life Hack Decks - lifehacks - dorm - declutter - acts of kindness - new mom

We are a mother-daughter duo. Each of us has unique strengths. Danica's keen eye and design background have played an integral part in the development of Hack Decks™. Danica has always been focused on creative endeavors and these decks are a culmination of her artistic talents. She holds a BA from the University of California, Berkeley in Media Studies with an emphasis on the creative arts. She has also trained in photography. 

Cathy has trained with Marie Kondo and holds Certified Master Organizer status, one of fifty people worldwide to achieve this level. She has a background in anthropology, and also holds an MS in Health Policy and Law from UCSF. Her background brings a watchful eye when working on in-home organization of paperwork. She understands the nuances of Medicare and state-run health care programs. She is a dedicated Ashtanga yoga practitioner, has taught classes in the KonMari Method®, and served on KonMari panel discussions during training programs for new consultants. 

Creators of Life Hack Decks - lifehacks -dorm - new mom - declutter - random acts of kindness - date ideas