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Welcome to Declutter Deck® For Home Organization

Welcome to Declutter Deck®

It’s hard to keep your life straight when you have multiple things to do and people who count on you all day. Like kids, who need every bit of your attention. Being a mom of a three-year old is distracting. Toys everywhere – well contained, of course, since I’m a professional organizer, but still a mess by the end of the day. Between working, running up and down the stairs, answering phone calls, writing blogs, returning emails, doing laundry, and cooking dinner, there is little time for anything else. Especially me.

I’m lucky. I have a schedule that allows me to both work and take care of my family. But life can get away from me. I talk to other new moms, or moms with small children. They are constantly trying to stay out ahead of the curve, too. For some, it’s virtually impossible. We are all experiencing the same thing: too much to do in too little time. And don’t get me started on self-care. How often do I get to take a shower two days in a row?

We Are Professional Organizers

Many people don’t have the luxury or time to get themselves organized with the help of an outside organization consultant. As professionally trained organizers, we see the amount of clutter people have. We also see the limited amount of time they have to contain it. When little kids are pulling at your leg, undoing your decluttering efforts, and you need to get dinner on the table, you just don’t have the time to focus.

Why We Developed the Declutter Deck® Decluttering Prompt Deck Cards

Enter Declutter Deck® by The Uncluttered Life, Inc. the professional organizing entity behind these and other decks. We designed Declutter Deck® to get you organized (and keep you organized) when there are literally thirty minutes in your day to pull your house back together. Let alone organize it. Declutter Deck® was created to help busy people (like you) find a small chunk of time to work through a deck of decluttering prompts. The objective is to tackle home organization once and for all. It was designed to make life and organization manageable, when tackling an entire house is impossible.

How the Declutter Deck® Helps You Stay Organized

Declutter Deck® is a set of decluttering prompts that enable you to get your house in order. Pull a card prompt from the deck and perform the task. If you don’t feel like doing that prompt, put it back in the pile for another day. No one cares. The objective is to tackle your home organization tasks in short bursts of time so that by the end of the 52-card deck, your house is in order. Then you start again or move on to a more advanced deck (intermediate Declutter Deck® coming soon!) that will take you from the surface to deeper decluttering and organizing.

Examples of prompts in our basic deck are: Put away ten things, clean out your junk drawer, put your shoes in order, sort through your coat closet…the list goes on. What this does is two things. First, it gives you a place to start, when so many are too overwhelmed to take the initial decluttering step. And secondly, it keeps you moving and motivated. Once you work through one card and see how easy it is to take a small bite out of your clutter pile, the next card is that much easier. Pretty soon, you’re able to work through one card prompt every day and keep them going so you don’t need to revisit the same space twice.

Getting Your House in Order

My friend, Aubrey, is living proof that you can work ten hours a day, raise two young children, take care of a cat and dog, grocery shop, and find thirty minutes a day to pull a card from the deck before going to sleep. Her life used to be utter chaos. Now, with Declutter Deck® she is getting her house in order for the first time in her adult life, especially after having children. She feels more in control, and less overwhelmed and helpless than she has ever felt in her life.

About Life Hack Decks™ and Declutter Decks®

Life Hack Decks™ are powerful micro-prompt motivational cards to make your life easier while reducing stress in your day. These instructional decks simplify ineffective routines and help you go from stuck and overwhelmed to inspired and empowered. Life Hack Decks™ take the stress out of decision-making and motivate you to tackle things you’ve been putting off for years. Our Life Hack Decks™ of 52 cards allow you to focus on the things that bring you joy, happiness, and connection with others. This keeps you from lingering in the mundane, anxiety-producing ruts in which we often find ourselves.

Look for Our Entire Collection of Life Hack Decks™

Designed to improve your life through little “life hacks,” the collection of Hack Decks™ includes:

Date Deck® to help you and a partner stop doing the “same old thing” and go exploring, learn more about each other, and have fun together. It deepens your connection.

Declutter Deck® organizing prompts to help you get and stay organized at home. By breaking down decluttering into bite-sized pieces, you will eventually declutter and organize your entire environment.

Dorm Deck to send along to school with your college student. This deck provides subtle reminders of things that will make their lives that much easier when it’s their first time away from home. Includes reminders to call home and text often.

New Mama Deck helps new mothers ease into the transition of parenthood, reduce isolation and manage the stress that comes along with having a newborn.

Random Acts of Kindness Deck to help you discover kind things to do for others who either play a significant part in your life, or with whom you’d love a deeper connection.

How Do Life Hack Decks™ Work?

Pull a card daily or in moments when you need some motivation or guidance. Pick a card and follow the prompt. It’s that simple! Cards are both instructional and motivational.

Buy one deck and gift another to a friend or two. Set up a friendly challenge with others to see the difference these cards make in your life. And the lives of those you love. These decks are proven to get you decluttered and organized in a way you never thought possible. It's a very small investment in your mental and physical health and happiness at $19.95.

And, while you're at it, check out our Amazon Recommendations for great organization ideas for each room in your home. This deck was designed by The Uncluttered Life, Inc., a company that specializes in home organization. It is owned by Certified Masters Organizers in the KonMari Method® of organization by Marie Kondo. Marie Kondo focuses on Kurashi. Kurashi roughly translates to “way of life” or  “the ideal way of spending our time,” but like many words lost in translation, it means much more than that. See her new book, Kurashi At Home, to learn more.

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