Declutter with ADHD and declutter your mind

Decluttering and Organizing With ADHD

Declutter Deck® and ADHD - Why These Decks Help with Decluttering and Organizing

You know what’s hard? ADHD is hard. It keeps you from getting and staying on task. And completing something you started and intended to finish. Or being organized. It’s stressful. Especially when you are struggling to keep all the pieces in place. This is especially true when you have a young family with tons of toys everywhere. Or work from home. Lots of things keep you from being organized without ADHD. With ADHD, it’s even more of a challenge.

What are the Symptoms of ADHD and Difficulty with Organization?

The symptoms of ADHD vary from person to person. Here are some of the ones that seem to resonate with adults having difficulty staying organized: difficulty focusing (thus unable to complete a task and stay organized), forgetfulness (where are my keys for the millionth time?), lack of concentration about what needs to be done or needs to be done next, problems paying attention to the tasks at hand, and having a short attention span. These issues can keep your life in turmoil. Keeping your space uncluttered with a lack of visual distraction makes a tremendous difference if you struggle with this disorder.

Increase Your Self-Esteem by Getting and Staying Organized

Think what organization success will do to improve your surroundings. And, the effect organization success will have on your self-esteem. Not only will you be proud of your home/office/car, but you will also have more self-confidence. You will be in control of your clutter and organization and make your life easier to manage. You’ll be able to see what you own. You will also be able to see where you have duplicates. And, what you can discard to make your environment function best for YOU.

ADHD, Declutter Deck®, and Acquiring a New Organizing Skill

Newly created, Declutter Deck® organization prompt cards, sold by Life Hack Decks™, is a perfect tool to get you moving in the right decluttering and organizing direction. Examples of prompts in Declutter Deck® are: Put away ten things, clean out your junk drawer, put your shoes in order, sort through your coat closet…the list goes on. To stay on task for less than an hour at a time is manageable. If a prompt seems daunting, just return it to the pile and pull a different one. No judgment, ever.

Declutter Deck® is a deck of 52 cards that have short, less-than-an-hour prompts. They help to get your home and life in order. It’s fun! Declutter Deck® is kind of like an organizing and decluttering card game. Each card is one organization prompt that provides a small, manageable task for you to complete. This is not a huge time or energy commitment - just a little one. You don’t have to make a to-do list or figure out what in your home looks and feels messy to you.

Instead, just grab one card from Declutter Deck®, perform the prompt, and return it to your pile of finished cards. Do just one single task prompt, no matter how big or small, and you’re finished for the day. Once the entire deck is completed, your home is organized and functions in a way that helps your ADHD improve. And you can repeat the deck again and again for maintenance of your space. This puts you on a track for success!

We truly believe in this system and know it will be a win for you. Give it a try!

About Life Hack Decks™ and Declutter Deck®

Life Hack Decks™ are powerful micro-prompt motivational cards to make your life easier while reducing stress in your day. These instructional decks simplify ineffective routines and help you go from stuck and overwhelmed to inspired and empowered. Life Hack Decks™ take the stress out of decision-making and motivate you to tackle things you’ve been putting off for years. In other words, Delegate to the Deck®.

Our Life Hack Decks™ of 52 prompt cards allow you to focus on the things that bring you joy, happiness, and connection with others. It keeps us from lingering in the mundane, anxiety-producing ruts in which we often find ourselves. Please check out our Amazon Recommendations page for ideas that may help you stay more organized after you finish your decluttering.

Look for the Entire Collection of Life Hack Decks™

Designed to improve your life through little life hacks, the collection of Hack Decks™ includes:

Date Deck™ to help you and a partner stop doing the “same old thing” and go exploring, learn more about each other, and have fun together. It helps to develop meaningful connections to one another while simultaneously having new experiences.

Declutter Deck® organizing prompts to help you get and stay organized at home. By breaking down decluttering into bite-sized pieces, you will eventually declutter and organize your entire home. Check out our Amazon Recommendations page for ways to stay organized.

Dorm Deck to send along to school with your college student. This deck provides subtle reminders of things that will make their lives that much easier when it’s their first time living away from home. Includes reminders to call and text often.

New Mama Deck helps new mothers ease into the transition of motherhood. New Mama Decks also reduce isolation and manage the stress that comes along with having a newborn.

Random Acts of Kindness Deck is a positive impetus for change in the world by providing prompts for positive thoughts and gestures. And remember, genuine acts of kindness come with no reciprocal expectations (detached engagement). You just pass the kindness on and pay it forward.

How Do Life Hack Decks™ Work?

Pull a card daily or in moments when you need some motivation, inspiration or guidance. Pick a card. It’s that simple! Hack Decks™ act as both inspirational and instructional prompts.

(Content provided by professional organizers at The Uncluttered Life, Inc.)

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