Declutter Deck - Holiday Gift Guide For People Who Crave Organization

Holiday Gift Guide for People who Crave Organization

We are Professional Organizers. We Love Decluttering and Organizing and Designed a DIY Declutter Deck®

As you may know, we got started as professional organizers. Hack Decks™ evolved from our organizing business with the launch of our first deck, Declutter Deck®. Having had years of experience with organization products and supplies, I thought it would be a good idea to share my top 3 products to gift for the holidays this year.

These products are inexpensive, but they can really transform a space.

First on the list, obviously, is Declutter Deck®. Let me explain why. We designed Declutter Deck® originally for our clients who needed help keeping things organized on their own. People reached out and desperately wanted to get organized but couldn’t afford to hire professional organizers. This gave birth to Declutter Deck®, which has been a lifesaver for many.

Declutter Deck® is a unique product that will transform your home, one quick and easy prompt at a time. Each prompt is designed to be done in an hour or less, so that it’s realistic and attainable for people who have crazy or busy lives. The reason Declutter Deck® is such a great gift is because it’s evergreen. It’s the kind of gift that you can repeat over and over, and its use improves the user’s life each time by eliminating the stress of clutter and disorganization.

Declutter Deck® focuses on all the most used areas of a home with micro-organizing prompts that will get you and your family organized and keep you that way. So, for $20, you can truly transform your home and your life. Declutter Deck® helps you reclaim your sanity and keep your visual clutter in the background, which has a huge impact on your cortisol and stress levels. It makes the perfect stocking stuffer or budget-friendly gift for anyone wanting to start the new year clutter-free (or at least own less).

Second on the list is labels.

Labels make maintaining organization so much easier than without them! This is especially true if you aren’t the only person in your house who puts things away. You know where everything is supposed to go when you label bins, baskets, and storage. Labels are visual cues that help others in your home know where to put things. I found these labels and use them for clients whenever possible because they are that helpful. The only downside to labels as a gift is that you’ll need to make sure that the gift recipient has plastic bins, clips, or baskets to put them on. I highly recommend these inexpensive little labels for everyone, regardless of their affinity for organization. If these labels don't work, you can always give a label maker. I love mine, and have found a hundred and one uses for it.

Last, this all-time favorite product, is:

The Savor System. Savor is a unique product that is designed to get all your sentimental stuff organized into a beautiful linen set of boxes that you can display on your shelves. For my first Mother’s Day I was gifted the baby Savor set, and it’s one of the best gifts I received as a first-time mom. One day, when my son is older, we can sit and go through all his special memories together. That experience will be the forever gift to me as I relive the special moments of his life. Eventually, he’ll have that box to look back on himself and share with his children. It’s the kind of gift that is long lasting, meaningful, and heartfelt.

I hope that the organization obsessed person in your life loves these gifts! They are practical, organizational, and educational. Getting organized is one of the best gifts you an give yourself at the holidays. Once the first of the year rolls around, it will be easier to do things like getting kids ready for a second semester. Doing projects. Or getting your life back in order. Try some of our ideas and let us know what you think.

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