Best Gifts For Couples This Holiday Season

Best Gifts for Couples This Holiday Season 2023

Here's a Great Couples Gift to Give This Holiday Season!

I don’t know about you guys, but I love giving gifts! I love shopping for them, wrapping them, and watching the recipient’s face as they open them. To me, gift giving is almost like a sport, and I always win. So, I decided to write down a few of my favorite unique gift ideas for couples this holiday season. That way, you can win at gifting, too.

Admittedly, shopping for a couple is way harder than shopping for an individual. Finding something both people enjoy is tough. This is especially true when most gifts are designed to appeal to people who fit into certain boxes. Categories often include super feminine, tough and manly, cat lady, dog person, DIYers, etc. Frankly, I don’t know any couples who both fit into any one category. For instance, my husband and I have almost nothing in common, which really works for us. But we get a lot of gifts that, truth be told, end up getting donated.

If you’re like us, or know a couple like us, let me help you out with some killer finds at various price points. 

Under $25/Stocking Stuffer

In my opinion, experience gifts are hands down the best gifts to receive. But giving experience gifts can feel kind of anticlimactic when you’re opening them. It’s usually just a piece of paper printed out with a voucher and stuffed in a card. Maybe not the most exciting gift to open when others in the room are oohing and awing over theirs. That’s why my top pick for gifts under $25 and/or stocking stuffers is Date Deck®. Let me tell you why Date Deck® is the holiday hero for 2023. Date Deck® is a deck of cards in a cute box (so it’s fun to open), that takes the work out of date night for couples. No more stress or endless scrolling to plan a fun date. This is especially important for busy couples and new parents.

With Date Deck®, all the couple does is open the box and randomly pick a card. Boom! Done! I really love that the dates are designed with BOTH people in mind. Some prompts are romantic, some are adventurous, some get you out of your comfort zone. Some even let you bask in your comfort zone. I’m talking wine tasting, professional sporting events, junk food dates, seasonal events, etc. You’ve just given a couple countless opportunities to make memories. Seriously fun, seriously easy. This is one gift that won’t get returned or regifted.

Under $50 Gift

Whenever I give couples gifts, I try to make sure it’s either useful or sentimental. Whenever possible, I try to make sure it’s both. So, for the under $50 category, my number one pick is a gift from Artifact Uprising. Artifact Uprising is one of my all-time favorite companies. The prints are beautiful, archival quality. Full disclosure, this store can get a little pricey, but they have tons of meaningful and practical gifts under $50. My personal favorite is the modern wall calendar. Not only is it practical, and helpful for keeping on top of everyone’s schedules. The true gift is when the month is over, you tear off the calendar section and are left with a gorgeous print to save or frame. See? Practical and sentimental. You’re welcome.

Under $100 Gift

Some of you may know that I have a background in professional organization. As a very neat type A person, I try hard not to give people gifts that will add clutter to their homes. Clutter stresses me out, and I just wouldn’t feel good about giving a gift that ended up stressing out a couple I love. So, just like my last pick, let’s go practical and sentimental. My top pick for under $100 is Savor’s The Vault Travel Keepsake Box. Couples always keep little mementos from special trips. Now they can keep all those special objects and keepsakes in one place. That way, nothing is lost or misplaced! They can revisit those memories together any time, and maybe be inspired to take another trip and add to their sentimental box.

Under $150 Gift

I’m sure you’ve heard of digital picture frames. I know I’m not exactly saying anything groundbreaking by suggesting one. But Nixplay 8-inch smart digital picture frame is my favorite. Why is this one special? Well, to be honest, I just think it’s one of the prettiest options for digital photo frames. It has about the same specs as the Aura frame, which is also great. Digital photo frames are treasures because you can surround yourself with memories without the added work of printing and framing, changing out photos, dusting 100 frames, and sun damage to the photo itself. It’s easy, practical, and sentimental. Are you sensing a trend? =)

Under $200 Gift

Last, but not least, the $200 and under category. Now, this is the price point where I say give an experience gift. Unless the couple is just dying for a blender or something, an experience gift is something they will appreciate much more than an object. $200 can give a couple memories that last a lifetime. I have two picks for experience gifts. The first is an Airbnb gift card. Th second is a new service called Tinggly. Tinggly is a website devoted to experience gifts, at different price points. Basically, you choose the gift box/package you want, and they send the recipients their voucher. The recipient can then choose from 100’s of experiences worldwide; Tinggly sends them the tickets. Personally, I think this is the coolest service and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get one for the holidays.

There you have it! Those are my top picks for gifts that will have you winning the holidays at multiple price points. You really can’t go wrong. Let me know which is your favorite pick and how it goes when you gift one of them! Happy Holidays!

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