Analysis paralysis decisions and declutter with ADHD

Analysis Paralysis, Declutter Deck® and ADHD Help

Analysis Paralysis, Decisions and Declutter Deck®

What is the primary benefit of Declutter Deck® for people who have trouble making decisions? The primary benefit, among others, is that Declutter Decks® help people make quick decisions without overthinking the process. Declutter Decks® take away Analysis Paralysis and help decision strugglers move forward. For those with ADHD, this is a huge confidence booster. The decks also reduce the mental fatigue involved in decluttering a home, car, office, or any space that needs work.

ADHD and Declutter Deck®

People with ADHD commonly have trouble making decisions. Making decisions is a process that requires a handful of skills that often elude those with ADHD. People with ADHD can have an especially tough time weighing options. That’s because those with ADHD can have difficulty with the specific skills that go into decision-making. These skills typically affect executive function. Anxiety can also be a factor in indecision, and often those with ADHD have co-occurring anxiety.

Making decisions is a complex process because there are several steps involved. Many people, in addition to those with ADHD, have a hard time making decisions, which can happen for various reasons. Some people may be anxious about making the wrong choice and have “analysis paralysis.” With ADHD analysis paralysis, figuring out how and where to begin something may seem impossible. This sense of paralysis can quickly lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, procrastination, and avoidance. This ultimately results in problems with productivity.

Decluttering and Difficulty with Executive Function

Trouble with executive function skills impact many areas of life and can make a wide range of tasks difficult. Difficulty making decisions is not a matter of intelligence. Instead, it’s a matter of executive function. People with ADHD struggle with executive function skills. Executive function is a group of mental skills that act as the “management center” of the brain. The main skills are related to memory, flexible thinking, and self-control. But executive function also covers attention, organization, and planning. This is where home and life organization become a challenge.

Getting organized and maintaining organization works to the advantage of those with ADHD. It prevents many of ADHD’s pitfalls including losing things that are necessary to live a more manageable life. Declutter Decks® help those with ADHD stay organized and reduce visual clutter. This reduces distraction and helps those with ADHD stay more focused.

Why Declutter Decks® Help with ADHD, Anxiety, and “Getting Stuck”

It’s common for people with ADHD to have anxiety, and researchers are investigating a possible genetic link. Being anxious can make decision-making hard: What if you make the wrong decision? What if the decision doesn’t go well? What if you get blamed for the outcome? The feeling of making the wrong decision can lead to decision paralysis. For that reason, it’s much easier to pull a card and follow the prompt on the face of the Declutter Deck® prompt card. This removes all the decision-making, which helps those with ADHD get organized.

People with ADHD may get stuck in anxious thoughts and, therefore, not be able to plan or act on a decluttering program. They also often ruminate. The definition of rumination is to go over and over something in the mind. There are two types of rumination. The first is negative rumination. Negative rumination is usually about things that happened in the past. The second is anxious rumination. Anxious rumination is usually about the future and control - trying to keep control of one’s life.

We have worked with many who struggle with ADHD get in control of their lives with our Declutter Deck® prompt cards. We believe these prompt cards, under the trade name life Hack Decks™, help people with ADHD because the decluttering and organizing prompts are short, easy-to-perform tasks that help with focus and management skills.

Declutter Deck® for ADHD and How This Helps with the Decluttering Process

Our newly created, Declutter Deck®, is a perfect tool to get those with ADHD moving in the right decluttering and organizing direction. Declutter Deck® is a deck of 52 motivational prompt cards that have short, less-than-an-hour prompts to get your home and life in order. The deck is fun – kind of like an organizing and decluttering card game. Each card is one simple task, an organization prompt, that provides a small, manageable assignment to complete. This is not a huge time or energy commitment - just a little one. You don’t have to make a to-do list or figure out what in your home looks and feels messy. Instead, you just grab one card out of the deck, perform the prompt, and return it to your finished pile of cards. Do just one single task prompt, no matter how big or small, and you’re finished for the day. Once you’ve completed the entire deck, your home is organized and functions in a way that helps your ADHD improve. And you can repeat the deck again and again for maintenance of your space.

About Hack Decks™ and our Declutter Deck®

Life Hack Decks™ are powerful micro-prompt motivational cards designed to make your life easier while reducing stress in your day. These instructional decks simplify ineffective routines and help you go from stuck and overwhelmed to inspired and empowered. Life Hack Decks™ take the stress out of decision-making and motivate you to tackle things you’ve been putting off for years. Our Life Hack Decks™ of 52 cards allow you to focus on the things that bring you joy, happiness, and connection with others rather than lingering in the mundane, anxiety-producing ruts in which we often find ourselves.

We truly believe in this system and know it will be a win for you. Give it a try. Purchase the Declutter Deck® for yourself or as a gift for someone with ADHD and have fun working through the prompts. Make a decluttering game of it or follow the prompts with a friend or family member. You’ll be able to focus with more and more confidence the longer you continue the process.

The Uncluttered Life, Inc. offers five different Hack Decks™. These include Date Deck™, Declutter Deck®, Dorm DeckNew Mama Deck and Random Acts of Kindness Deck. $19.95 plus shipping for each deck.

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