dorm deck - help your college freshman succeed with out telling them what to do

Help College Freshman Succeed Without Nagging

Gift Your College Student a Dorm Deck™ Before They Leave for College

Here’s a novel idea. Teach someone to do something without giving them verbal instructions, making them feel inept, or shaking their confidence. In fact, empower them to do all the right things from the start so they can take charge of their own life. As they say, teach them to “own it.”

Enter Dorm Deck, sold under the family of life Hack Decks™. Dorm Decks are a unique idea, created by owners of The Uncluttered Life, Inc. The Uncluttered Life, Inc. is a home organization and time management company. They provide suggestions to make going to college and living in a dorm room a little easier for an incoming freshman.

There is no question that the first semester of the freshman year of college is the most critical, scary, exciting, overwhelming and stressful. Many studies indicate that freshman year is the time when students most likely struggle. Make it easier for students by showing them that there are little tips and tricks to reduce the stress and anxiety that accompany their first semester of college.

What are Life Hack Decks?™ and How Do They Work?

Life Hack Decks™ are powerful micro-prompt motivational cards to make life easier while reducing stress in your day. These instructional decks simplify ineffective routines and help you go from stuck and overwhelmed to inspired and empowered. Life Hack Decks™ take the stress out of decision-making and motivate you to tackle things you’ve been putting off. Or help with transitional periods of life. Our life Hack Decks™ of 52 cards allow you to focus on the things that bring you joy, happiness, and connection with others rather than lingering in the mundane, anxiety-producing ruts in which we often find ourselves.

Dorm Decks Make College Easier

Dorm Decks are designed to help college students find their way faster, without parents looking over their shoulder and reminding them what needs to be done. They are a great gift for those living alone for the first time in a dorm room environment or living away from home, in general.

Instead of feeling like a nag or nagging your college student to do whatever you think they should be doing, give them a Dorm Deck. Watch them take charge of their own life as they move through the card deck. Dorm Deck will ease the stress between parent and young adult because it gives the college student autonomy. In addition, it gives you a place from which to watch them grow into their own decision-making ability.

When college students continue to rely on their parents for everyday decisions while they’re away at school, part of the process and benefit of living alone is lost. It’s better for students to figure things out on their own and in their own way and time. For this reason, Dorm Decks keeps peace in the family and kids trying their hardest to succeed. It’s also a wonderful gift for someone who has trouble staying on track. And it's fun. Using the deck is so much better than arguing over things that need to be navigated the first year of school.

What Other Decks Does Life Hack Decks™ Offer?

In addition to Dorm Deck, Life Hack Decks™ offers five different Hack Decks™.

These include:

Date Deck® to help partners stop doing the “same old thing” and go exploring, learn more about each other, and have fun. For those who have recently become empty nesters as children transition to college dorm life, this is a great way to reconnect and ignite an exhausted parenting relationship. It puts fun back in your life when children leave the home. Date Deck® provides lots of ideas that may have been overlooked for years. It also makes a great shower gift, or a little gift to give to a bride-to-be when you’ve shipped a gift directly from her registry. 

Declutter Deck® offers organizing prompts to help you get and stay organized at home. There are even some ideas that college students can use when they first set up their own living environment. It’s a great idea for those who are trying to get a leg up on their space organization, increase energy in their environment, and live life with less. This deck provides a way to manage decluttering without the stress and anxiety many feel when they reduce what they own.

New Mama Deck to help new mothers ease into the transition of parenthood, reduce isolation, and manage the stress that comes along with having a newborn. Give this to a daughter or son who has recently had a baby. There are important suggestions included that provide little hacks to make life easier during this all-consuming time of life. Tuck it into a shower gift and let the soon-to-be parents read through the prompts together. It's a great avenue for discussion and setting expectations for after the baby is born.

Random Acts of Kindness Deck helps you discover things to do for others who either play a significant part in your life or with whom you’d love a deeper connection. This deck of 52 cards is full of ideas that make life easier for those you love and for whom you’d like to show appreciation. Prompts are easy, pay-it-forward ideas that create feelings of happiness and offer gratitude.

“Work Smarter, Not Harder” – The Life Hack Deck™ Philosophy

Hack Decks™ were born of the philosophy, “work smarter, not harder.” We call these life Hack Decks™ because they truly reflect the essence of life hacks. Life hacks are simple and clever tips or techniques to accomplish familiar tasks more easily and efficiently. Life hacks, as they are known, are all about eliminating life’s frustrations in a simple and clever way.

Our powerful, micro-prompt life Hack Decks™ are designed with one simple mission in mind: Live an easier, more enjoyable life with less stress and much less effort. Delegate to the Deck®. Free up brain space and decision-making struggles with the help of a 52-piece card deck. Sounds ideal, right?

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