Random Acts of Kindness Deck Holiday Gift Guide

Random Acts of Kindness Deck Holiday Gift Guide

While random acts of kindness are gifts in themselves, sometimes we want something physical to hand to someone at the holidays.

Gifts that give back are the ultimate gift.

When you offer a random act of kindness, not only do you make someone special feel loved, you also contribute to improving the world. When you think about it, random acts of kindness are a true reflection of the holidays. At the end of the day, love and kindness are what the holidays are all about, right? I put together this short gift guide (because who has time to read about fifty products) with my top three picks for gifts that give back.

If you’re looking to be more proactive than just buying a gift that donates a percentage of the cost to charity, I highly recommend the Random Acts of Kindness Deck. The Random Acts of Kindness Deck is a great way to demonstrate kindness. Each card in the deck contains a prompt for a random act of kindness to complete. It is a creative way to show appreciation, gratitude and love.

Random acts of kindness aren’t hard or expensive to do.

The Random Acts of Kindness Deck is made up of genuine micro-prompts that offer suggestions, small ways to show gratitude, and creative displays of appreciation. Honestly, every household should have one. And, every teacher should have one. I especially love this deck for families with young children. It’s a wonderful way to teach kids about kindness and community. And, of course, the power of positivity. We always tell our kids to be kind, but demonstrating kindness is what helps them internalize that message. For less than $20, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

Personalized Cause - Raising Awareness and Compassion

The next gift that gives back is a business that focuses on raising awareness for pretty much every imaginable medical and social cause out there. The company is called Personalized Cause. The coolest part about this business is that you can personalize individual awareness ribbons to support and advocate for someone special. Because the ribbon has a space for engraving, you can communicate a message about your feelings without saying a word.

Another thing I really love about this gift is that it's meaningful. First, it shows someone special how much you support and care about them. Secondly, the company gives to charity to help fund advancements in research. And, lastly, this gift actively demonstrates the importance of community by raising awareness and acceptance for any cause that is close to your heart.

My last pick for gifts that give back is a great for anyone gift. Almost everyone has had to participate in an office Secret Santa or a White Elephant exchange. Or buy a gift for someone you didn’t know well. Chances are, when this happens, you bought a candle. I know that to be true from my own experience as both the gift giver and receiver. This candle, however, is special because it gives back to a charity that fights human trafficking. What I love about this candle is that, “Every candle brings light to the darkness of human trafficking.” They’re clean burning soy candles that don’t contain any nasty ingredients that end up in the air you breathe. It’s a no-brainer for any situation that calls for a candle or gift that speaks volumes about humanity.

Spread Love and Kindness at the Holidays

So, get out there and spread some kindness and love this holiday season! Kindness is a way of life that touches the lives of others. Random acts of kindness show love, gratitude and appreciation all year long. Remember to take the holiday season and the message of love with you into the new year. Happy holidays!

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