Declutter Deck - how declutter deck cards can help with ADHD

How Declutter Deck Cards Can Help with ADHD

One of the sad ironies for people with ADHD is that they crave order that they can't create.

At least, it seems that way. Until an office, for example, is clean, they will always be distracted and find work more difficult than it is for others. They are surrounded by yet another task waiting to be done.

Unfortunately, small tasks often become mega tasks. Writing things down is one way to keep things in check. Another is to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is a great skill. A common tip for people with ADHD is to break down a task into manageable bits. For example, take your plate to the sink. Rinse it off. Put it in the dishwasher. Close the dishwasher. This is the concept behind Declutter Deck®. Home, office, car and life organization are broken down into manageable tasks that are easy to perform and take approximately thirty minutes.

How to Think About Tasks When You Have ADHD

The first step is to think about the task. Then think about breaking the task down (which is another task). Then recall you forgot a step in the imagined set of actions. And replay the steps again in your mind. Keep going until you get it right.

ADHD is an ever-present beast. You can't cage it or tame it into submission. You learn to live with it in a kind of cohabitation so that you can do what you need to do. This can range from simple tasks such as doing the laundry, to complex, multi-step work like writing an essay for school.

Laundry - An Example

For many people, laundry is not a hard task to complete. It is rather repetitive and takes just a few actions. For those with ADHD, it is more difficult and complex a task because it involves several steps. Experts tell those with ADHD to imagine how good it will feel to have the task accomplished. That approach is supposed to help start a task, but unfortunately it triggers another task: feeling guilty for not already accomplishing it in the time it took to inflate the simple act of laundry into a huge symbol for living. It can encourage the feeling like maybe you're not capable or good enough to take care of just the small things. Which, to those with ADHD, are not small or insignificant at all.

As a child, many struggle with small tasks in school, or getting homework finished, or remembering to bring a lunch that was sitting at the front door. Many are uneasy with the premonition of a lifetime spent sensing other people's disappointment that tasks never get done.

Many times, it takes a combination of support that settles the beast of ADHD at work. It's a delicate balance of personal discipline, intentionality, open communication, prescription medicine and relentless positivity. The last point seems trite, but it is necessary for anyone struggling with a learning difference. In fact, it takes years to learn to be kind to yourself and embrace what you do rather than wallow in guilt over what you think you can't.

The Strengths of Having ADHD

However, those with ADHD, have real strengths, too. An ADHD mind, agile and perpetually in motion, can make unexpected connections and present solutions to problems that no one else has considered. Often, it is brimming with compassion, creativity and curiosity. Those with ADHD can often easily adjust to feedback and new ideas with dexterity.

The stigma around ADHD and other learning differences is starting to crack as the world discovers more about what makes such brains tick. Talking about ADHD openly brings understanding and compassion. When properly managed, ADHD brings more to the story that one can imagine.

Those with ADHD face daily challenges. The key to success is to just do your best. And maybe, sometimes good is good enough.

Declutter Deck® Helps with Home Organization

To help those with ADHD, we have developed the Declutter Deck® to help with organization. Organization is broken into bite-sized pieces that allow those with ADHD to focus on one specific task, for a short period of time, to accomplish important household decluttering and organization. The decks are available in stores and online and make a great gift for those struggling with ADHD. This deck can help those with ADHD finally get a feeling of accomplishment in the home decluttering and organizing area of life.

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