Date Deck - a great add-on to give as a shower or wedding gift - shower gift idea

Date Deck® - A Great Idea to Give as a Shower Gift or Wedding Gift

Date Decks® Are Great Gifts for Wedding Showers and Weddings

I’ve just been invited to a wedding. For the first time in my life, the bride and groom did not register for anything. No gifts - nothing. While I have been to a lot of weddings in my life, this is the first time I’ve been left to choose a gift on my own. I know nothing about the bride and very little about her husband-to-be. For that reason, I’ll most likely give them money. Newlyweds typically love money or adding to their vacation or honeymoon fund.

Gift ideas:

Contribute Money for Adventures

Recently, I’ve seen people ask for money toward adventures, like a trip. I feel good about contributing to that as a wedding gift. I know they’ll eventually go on a great trip, or a honeymoon, and celebrate their marriage. In my day, no one asked for money. But now, it’s not out of the ordinary to see a request for a money gift on a registry. I hope that the couple has a wonderful time doing something fun, adventurous, relaxing, or whatever makes them happy.

I see that many couples are doing more adventurous things together to celebrate their marriage. They’re getting out of their routine or comfort zone and having an experience when they get married, rather than getting “things.” I think this is great. There is a lot of scientific evidence that supports the idea that experiences are much more important in the long run. They tie you together as a couple and create a bond that may improve the quality and longevity of their marriage and commitment to one another.

Wedding Registries Aren’t What They Used to Be

These days, a traditional wedding registry is not what it used to be. Newlyweds can opt for a honeymoon or cash registry instead. Just like traditional registries where people registered for physical gifts, these cash or honeymoon registries ask for money. They provide information about how guests can contribute to an adventure, honeymoon, or special occasion.

Newlyweds may sign up for things such as a dinner out while they're celebrating their wedding or marriage. They may plan a special event that is part of the adventure and ask people to contribute. Or they tell their guests straight out what they plan to do with the money. This might include their first dinner together, guided tours, spa day, or hotel upgrade. Newlyweds can create options that cover a range of adventures or activities. It’s good if the bride and groom create options that cover a range of price points, too. That way, people can choose a gift that matches their budget and interests. I will contribute cash and then tell them to go have fun doing whatever they choose. That’s because I really don’t know them well.

Keeping Guests in the Loop

A bonus of asking for money toward a honeymoon fund is that the bride and groom can interact with their guests after the wedding is over. They can send postcards from their honeymoon, telling their guests what a great time they’re having. They can even send thank you notes for the cash contributions to them from their honeymoon destination.

Asking for money isn’t always easy and can even feel awkward for some. But it’s important to honor what will really make a new couple happy. It never hurts to communicate how grateful you are to contribute.

The 2-2-2 Rule of Marriage

So, what about after the honeymoon? I recently read about something called the 2-2-2 Rule of Marriage. The 2-2-2 Rule involves going on a date night every two weeks, spending a weekend away every two months and taking a week-long vacation away every two years. The idea behind the 2-2-2 Rule is that prioritizing and planning to spend time together strengthens your relationship. It’s like an extension of the original honeymoon adventure.

Date Deck® by life Hack Decks™ is a great addition to this 2-2-2 Rule. Date Deck® supports the 2-2-2 Rule of marriage because it moves the couple from the mundane into areas of their life where they might and will find more adventure. Doing different things together has been proven to increase the happiness a couple feels in marriage. This is because unique activities stimulate different parts of the brain, especially the one that creates a positive feeling. Doing something different creates a dopamine rush, which increases happiness.

Keeping the Fun and Adventure Alive with Date Deck®

Date Deck® was designed with this concept in mind. Instead of feeling “flat” by being repetitive on your dating experiences, increase your level of adventure. Date Deck® is a great additional gift to give a couple when you contribute to their cash fund. This helps them continue to have fun together as they grow. The deck of 52 cards helps the couple discover fun and exciting things to do when they’re on their date every two weeks according to the 2-2-2 Rule of Marriage. Many of the deck prompts take couples a little outside their comfort zone.

Further, neither person in the relationship is responsible for the date planning. Instead, by just picking a card, the couple can find an activity that resonates with them. It might be a mellow date like visiting a nearby historical landmark (I have done this with my husband and enjoyed it very much!) to taking in a concert together. More adventure cards await the couple, who just need to select one and get outside their weekly or every other week routine. It’s like taking a mini vacation or staycation.

Date Deck® - Ideas After the Honeymoon is Over

Give a Date Deck® gift of fun date ideas to your favorite new couple and ask for updates as they work through the deck. It is a great gift for either him or her and will be treasured for years to come after the “I dos.” Maybe ask them to post what they're doing at @lifehackdecks.

Date Deck® sells for $19.95 and makes a great bridal shower gift, as well. No matter when you give it, it will be one of the gifts the new couple keeps for years to come.

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