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Hack Decks™

Hack Deck™ Gift Cards

Hack Deck™ Gift Cards

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Give Hack Deck™ gift cards. Delegate to the Deck® to reduce decision fatigue for mental well being.

If you’re not quite sure which Hack Deck™ is the correct choice to give as a gift, why not give a Hack Deck™ gift card? Hack Decks™ are Life Hacks in a Box™.

What Does Life Hack Mean?

Simply put, life hacks are simple and clever strategies or techniques designed to manage your time and daily activities in a more efficient way. Life hacks make accomplishing familiar tasks easier. As a result, you can become more efficient and simultaneously eliminate decision fatigue.

Life Hack Decks™ take the work out of decision-making. Each deck provides tips and tricks to make life more manageable. Our decks also provide suggestions for doing things smarter, not harder. These helpful life Hacks Decks™ show you how other people, including experts in their field, have improved their lives with simple tweaks to their routines. 

What is Decision Fatigue? Decision fatigue is a real thing. It happens when we overthink a situation and then are unable to make any type of decision at all. 

Hack Decks™ help eliminate decision fatigue. Decision fatigue is caused by the daily volume of decisions a person has to make. In fact, it’s estimated that the average adult makes about 35,000 conscious decisions per day. Having to make a high number of decisions is one cause of decision overload. Decision fatigue eventually leads to burnout. If you make more decisions than your brain can handle, you experience a deterioration in energy. In turn, feelings of overwhelm and anxiety emerge. Life Hack Decks™ take away the overwhelming feeling of decision fatigue, something we all face when encountering life’s changes, transitions, and challenges.

Hack Decks™ help with decision fatigue by eliminating indecisiveness. The decks are short, easy prompts that move you from thinking too much to acting. In addition, prompts are easy and bite-sized. Best yet, they take less than an hour’s time commitment. Each prompt card deck is focused and suggests ideas to tackle a situation. Our decks range from a focus on dating ideas, to caring for a new baby, to finding ways to show kindness to others. The decks always take into consideration the effect decision making has on your mental health. We try to reduce or eliminate the stress of everyday life.

Hack Decks™ were born of the philosophy, "work smarter, not harder."

Life hacks are simple and clever tips or techniques to accomplish familiar tasks more easily and efficiently. We all have tasks that we hate doing, but know we have to do. For some people it's decluttering and organizing. For others it's planning a date night or keeping the fun alive with a partner in a life full of demands. We all know how exhausting and frustrating a lot of these things can be. This explains why we don't do them.

Not only do our Hack Decks™ provide helpful hints that make your routine easier and more stress-free. We also help you accomplish these tasks faster and more efficiently. Our powerful, micro-prompt decks are designed with one simple mission in mind: Live an easier, more enjoyable life with less stress and much less effort! Free up brain space and decision fatigue with the help of a 52-piece card deck. Delegate to the Deck®.

More About Each Deck

Some portions of our life need guidance. For that reason, we have created several decks that are instructional. These include our Dorm Deck, Declutter Deck® and New Mama Deck. These three decks show you the ropes and help you navigate a transition. Instead of trying to figure things out on your own, these decks help you form a routine or make something new that much easier.

Other decks are more inspirational in nature. These include our Date Deck® and Random Acts of Kindness Deck. All Hack Decks™ address the same issue of decision fatigue because our lives are full of decision-making tasks that tend to overwhelm and overload us throughout the day. By eliminating decision fatigue, we improve our mental health.

We offer the following five boxed decks. Each is $19.95 and focuses on mental health and wellness during transitional periods in a person's life.

Date Deck®

Our Date Deck® provides great date night ideas. Rather than trying to figure out where to go or what to do, Date Deck® takes the work out of enjoying your date night or weekends together as a couple. That way, you can save your time and energy for enjoying your date, rather than planning it. Think of it as outsourcing your dating ideas. Date Deck® gets you out of a standard, boring routine and adds fun back into your life.

Declutter Deck®

Declutter Deck®, our original offering, is a great way to get your home and life organized without the help of a professional organizer. Designed by professional organizers themselves, Declutter Deck® takes you room by room and step-by-step to help you get and stay organized. The deck provides task-based prompts that help you both declutter and organize your home, car, and living space. A must for those who don't know where to start. Also great for people with ADHD.

Dorm Deck

Our Dorm Deck prompts, for example, include “Do your laundry” and encourage other ways for college students to get and stay organized. Designed for first time college students, this deck serves as a gentle reminder of personal responsibilities that need to be done without a parent’s constant watchful eye. And it supports students as they set up a functional routine to establish good habits for life. Dorm Decks help students adjust to dorm room living and become familiar with a new city or environment.

New Mama Deck

“Get in touch with a friend” or “Schedule a date night” are suggestions and motivational prompt cards in our New Mama Deck. This deck is designed for new moms who might feel isolated after giving birth. These cards also remind new moms to take care of themselves during one of life’s hardest and most rewarding transitions. The cards provide uplifting new mama advice without saying a word.

Random Acts of Kindness Deck

Finally, we offer our Random Acts of Kindness Deck that suggests creative ways to reach out to others in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Follow the Random Acts of Kindness Deck prompts to connect to others and create the "ripple effect" of kindness. Random Acts of Kindness Decks can then be re-gifted to someone else to extend the path of kindness to loved ones, friends, or co-workers. A great gift for teachers, too.

Great Gift Ideas

Life Hack Decks™ make wonderful gifts. They are great for engagement gifts, bridal showers, gifts for a best friend, couples, and a great novelty gift for occasions when you want to give something cleaver and fun to someone special.

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Look for our life Hack Decks™ including Date Deck®, Declutter Deck®, Dorm Deck, New Mama Deck, and Random Acts of Kindness Deck.

Our life Hack Decks™ are designed with one simple mission in mind: Delegate to the Deck® to reduce stress while improving your quality of life!

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