Love Life Hacks for Couple Easy Idea to Connect

Love Life Hacks for Couples

Being in a relationship, especially a long-term relationship, isn't easy.

It takes hard work. It's a partnership, and at times, even the strongest relationships will be tried.

One thing that can add to your relationship is having fun together. We have introduced Date Deck® to take the struggle out of date decision-making, and to incorporate fun back into your life. As we say, Delegate to the Deck®.

The pack of 52 prompt cards sell for $19.95 and is a great gift to give your wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, couples, brides-to-be, grooms-to-be, and anyone who is in a relationship. This deck provides fun date ideas, couple activities and are a great life hack.

In addition to having fun together, there are other love life hacks that provide the much-needed connection between partners and those in couple relationships. We have highlighted a few of them so that you’ll be able to add a few of these easy life hacks for couples back into your relationship. See what a difference they will make.

Here are a few love life hacks and the benefits they provide:

Hugging or holding hands with someone special has been proven to instantly reduce stress levels.

Studies show that a sincere hug that lasts longer than 20 seconds can release feel-good chemicals in the brain and elevate the mood of the giver and receiver.

If you laugh with your partner for at least 10 minutes a day, your relationship has a 75% higher chance of lasting. Using Date Deck® to take you on fun dating adventures that encourage happiness and laughter may just be the ticket your relationship needs.

Work hard at maintaining closeness. Closeness doesn't happen by itself. With the absence of closeness, people tend to drift apart. A good relationship is a lifelong process maintained through regular attention.

A 2015 study from the University of Alberta found that couples who divvy up cleaning tasks reported higher relationship satisfaction than couples who left it to one partner. This seems like a no-brainer.

Relationship Life Hacks

Some life hacks help improve a situation without a ton of work. While effort is always necessary, here are some small changes that couples can make which will make a significant change in their relationship. They can greatly improve a relationship that is in a rut. And, let’s face it, all relationships are susceptible to ruts. It’s what can happen if you don’t vary your routine. Date Deck® helps couples get out of their ruts if they've fallen into one.

Life Hacks that Improve Connection

By including these five habits into your weekly routine, your relationship will be greatly enhanced.


A simple prescription for the average relationship is to take a regular walk. It’s amazing what thirty minutes away from your typical routine can do. Not only are there great physical benefits to a brisk walk, but it can also greatly impact an intimate connection. As a couple walks, they interact with nature, engage in conversation, and connect with one another. Couples who struggle to find time to communicate benefit the most from a walk. If physically possible, walk together as much as possible.


As we age, most people gradually smile less. We forget the impact a smile can play on a relationship. If a smile was effective in starting your relationship, it’s reasonable to think it will be useful in sustaining it, as well. A smile communicates recognition and invitation. A shared smile symbolizes a true connection. It invites the other person into our lives, even if just for a moment.


Yes, sexual touch matters. Adding more of that to your relationship would likely benefit it, but if the only touch you ever have is sexual touch, your relationship is likely wilting from a lack of intimacy. Increasing non-sexual touch will greatly impact your relationship.

Holding hands, touching as you pass one another, and cuddling are easy ways to stay connected. Non-sexual touch decreases feelings of stress, makes you sleep better, and give you a general sense of safety. Most couples stop touching out of apathy. They don’t mean to stop, but as kids come along and life gets busy, they simply fall out of the habit. It’s a pattern worth changing.

Look at One Another

Too many couples simply stop seeing one another. As life gets busy, they see their responsibilities, problems, and expectations, but they stop seeing each other. By taking time and looking at your spouse, recognizing their stresses, contributions, joys, sorrows, and worries, you can better understand them. In a moderately healthy relationship, just a little more awareness of everything your spouse is doing and feeling will greatly increase your connection with them. It never hurts to acknowledge their efforts, too.


Gratitude changes everything. As you appreciate your spouse, you will communicate and love them better. Few things signify a relationship in trouble like diminishing appreciation. When appreciation is genuinely felt, communicated, and reciprocated, marital satisfaction greatly increases.

Many of these five habits are byproducts of a good relationship and one that is thriving. If your relationship is healthy, you will naturally do these things. However, in some cases although the good relationship is there, it’s been hidden by the stresses of life – which is normal. Doing these five things can bring back the connection and love which you once felt - and most likely still do.

Try these five hacks. If you reintroduce them and sustain the behavior, your relationship will benefit.

Order Date Deck® online for $19.95. This will be one of the best and meaningful gifts you can give to yourself or others. It will reignite your relationship and help you remember how important it is to keep your love alive.

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