Date Deck - Gift ideas for a couple

Date Decks™ Are Great Date Night Ideas for a Couple

Great Date Night Ideas for Couples Makes Dating Fun Again

There are many gift ideas that you can give to a couple. One of the most important things to consider when giving a gift to a couple, especially those who are getting married or moving in together, is one that will improve their relationship. Our Date Deck® provides great date night ideas for married couples, weekend date nights and those on first time dates.

Look to our Date Deck® to get you out of your dating rut and put more fun in your life.

Date Deck®, produced in 2023, is one of the best gifts of the year for couples. It is a great idea for engagements, bridal showers, bridesmaids, proposal gifts, and those combining households. It’s also a wonderful novelty gift for a couple to enjoy. 

Date Deck® is part of a line of products called life Hack Decks™ that take the stress out of making decisions (also known as decision-fatigue). It helps put the spark and spontaneity back into a relationship. This prompt deck also helps create a lifelong habit of having fun together. It takes the stress out of date night decision making to add spontaneity back into your life. We always say, Delegate to the Deck®.

Date Deck® Prompt Examples

This is one of the best gifts you can give a couple because it includes fun date ideas. Some of the best date ideas that Date Deck® offers is, “Take a class together, like cooking, painting, or an online mixology class.” That’s not a typical idea couples would think to do without the nudging of a Date Deck® prompt. Other ideas include, “Go ice skating or roller skating.” Or “Plan a day trip to somewhere less than 3 hours away.” With the prompt deck, you're not only finding ways to have fun. You're also actually strengthening your relationship and connection to one another.

The Importance of Trying New Things in a Relationship

There is a lot of research that suggests trying new things is a way to strengthen the connection in your marriage. When you first get married, everything feels new. But, often despite our best efforts to keep the fun alive, the dream of spending your lives together doesn’t always match the reality of your day-to-day life. That’s because the demands and stresses of everyday life set in. Couples can get into a rut.

When couples get into a routine, it may mean juggling work, meals, trips to the grocery store and childcare. Just a few little moments of time in between these daily demands doesn't make for a great amount of connection. When you finally do find time to spend together, that precious time can be dominated by conversations about the practicalities of your relationship. This includes the division of labor and domestic chores. Time together, especially quality time, can often end up being sparse and unfulfilling. Life becomes like a meeting rather than a way to enjoy one another's company.

Spending Quality Time Together Doing Fun Things

Being able to spend quality time together is important to create and maintain a strong marriage. One reason is because it gives couples a chance to talk. Prompts in our Date Deck® provide opportunities to talk and do something together at the same time. Whether it is going for a long walk or grabbing a cup of coffee, it’s uninterrupted time together. The key to this, and why Date Deck® is so important, is that it gives a couple the opportunity to improve communication.

Conversations don't always need to be deep and serious. It means just paying attention to one another. It’s that simple. And, equally important, touching base and simultaneously having fun gives the couple the opportunity to do enjoyable activities together. It also allows them to build memories and renew a relationship that may be fraying at the seams.

How does Date Deck® make this happen?

How do we get quality time together? Many couples solve this problem by putting a date night into their regular routines. Setting time aside in advance and prioritizing this special time is important. A comment such as, “We should do something together sometime soon,” doesn’t cut it. Prioritizing your alone time as a couple and doing something fun for a date is crucial to maintaining a connection. It’s important to put a date on the calendar and know that you have committed time and energy to one another. Putting a fun date on the calendar says, “You matter to me. You are important to me. I appreciate you. I love you.”

If you have children, hire a babysitter so that you can have time alone. One of the best things we can do for our kids is build a strong, happy marriage that provides stability, love and connection. Spending time alone as a couple is not selfish, nor does it take from your family or child. It gives to both. Children see examples of healthy relationships, which in turn, set the tone for their future relationships. They see their parents having fun and enjoying time connecting. It is a win for everyone. If grandparents live nearby and are willing to babysit, it gives the grandparents independent time with their grandchildren, which strengthens that relationship, as well.

Date Deck® – Fun and Varied Activities

A “date night” should include varied and fun activities. Rather than one person in the relationship planning the majority (or all!) of the dates, the routine of who plans them should be varied. This is the benefit of Date Deck®. Date Deck® outsources the date planning to a deck of 52 cards that have well thought out ideas for a fun date night. Doing new things is a great way to stay connected. It can reestablish feelings of excitement and interest that a couple experienced during courtship and dating prior to marriage. In other words, Delegate to the Deck®.

Spending Quality Time Together

Spending quality time together is also a great way to build a friendship. Spending time as a couple helps to increase shared interests as well as the opportunity to have fun and laugh together. These experiences create closeness and exclusivity in a couple’s relationship. Connection builds strength, which is an important priority when the outside world places demands on a couple.

Putting aside regular time for one another is a small way to make a big impact on a relationship. Every day, we invest time in the things that matter to us, and investing time in our marriage relationship is no different. Quality time together can transform a good marriage into a fantastic one.

Pick up a Date Deck® online for $19.95. It’s one of the least expensive, lasting investments you can make in your relationship with someone special to you.

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