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Best Engagement Gift of 2023 - Date Deck®

My Best Friend is Getting Married. I Gave Her a Date Deck® and She Couldn't be Happier!

My best friend got engaged last year. So, I wracked my brain to find a gift for her that reflected our many years of friendship. She and I have been friends since we were five years old, and I didn’t want to give her something “standard.”

I wanted to give her a gift that reflected all the fun times we had shared and that I wanted her to share with her future husband.

Knowing someone as long as I’ve known her, she and I have had some of the best times of our lives together. Growing up in Southern California, we did a lot of the touristy things together to celebrate special occasions. There was, of course, our yearly trek to Disneyland for my birthday. And In-N-Out was always on the list of favorite restaurants to sit and talk for hours about our lives and loves. Now, thirty years later, we are still connected. She and I live in different cities, but our shared experiences have bonded us forever.

I will be one of her bridesmaids at the wedding which will take place over the summer. I’ve picked my dress (green, her favorite color since childhood) and started taking the steps I need to get my hair just right. But, what’s more important to me than getting my act together to represent her in all her glory, is to get her a great engagement gift. Over the years, she and I have exchanged A LOT of gifts. From our lotion and candle phase in junior high school, to the gifts for each other we can now only find on Etsy, we have acknowledged each other’s special occasions with something meaningful and relevant. For this reason, I want to get her a gift that she will enjoy for years to come.

 A Special Gift for a Special Bride

Money is not the determining factor in giving a gift to my friend for her engagement. Money has never entered the picture, since we were young when we first started exchanging. When we were young, a $2.00 candle was a big deal. So, too, was lotion with musk, something my mom always made me keep in my bathroom since she hated the smell. It was the sentiment behind the gift that was so important, and for this reason, I want this gift to have sentiment, too.

The gift I have chosen to give to my friend of over twenty-five years is Date Deck®. Date Deck® is a deck of 52 card prompts that provides fun date ideas for couples. My friend is not the most creative type, that was always left to me, so I have decided to outsource her date ideas. As we say, Delegate to the Deck®.

My friend and her fiancé are both physicians, and the amount of time they have available to plan fun dates is zero. She is a surgical resident, he is a resident, and they work insane hours. On occasion, they do get time off together. It’s during these times that I want them to remember why fun is still a priority in their lives. I want them to go out and let loose when they have the opportunity because I know it's good for their mental health.

Make Memories with Date Deck® Prompts

When you let loose or have a fun date together, you become more connected. Don’t get me wrong, this couple is very connected. It’s a match made in heaven, as they say. I love to see my friend as happy as she is. But I know that both are under a lot of pressure, and there can be a tendency in their lives to just do nothing once they get a little time to themselves. That’s great, but not all the time. I want them to go out and make memories together that are outside work and their normal routine. For that reason, Date Deck® is perfect.

Date Deck® was created to help couples have fun together. These fun couple activities are designed to make a difference in the lives of those living together, married, dating, or somewhere in between. Even empty nesters as they rekindle their dating life after kids leave the home. The prompts are designed in such a way that they get a couple out of their house and into a fun venue, a place they’ve never been, or take part in an activity they never would have considered. That’s because Date Deck® is outsourced ideas for fun. All you need to do is pick a card from the deck, which is packaged in an easy-to-use box, and perform the date prompt. It requires zero thought. You just put one foot in front of the other, and soon you’re out having a great time together.

The Importance of Connection for a Couple

The purpose of having fun together is to make connections. Connections carry you through the times in your marriage, like they’re having right now, that are hard. Both sleep very little, work many hours, and don’t have much personal or couple time. In the time that they do have together, I want their few hours to be fun. I want them to grow as a couple and have great memories, even when time is scarce.

Give the Gift of Memories and Connection

My friend and I can laugh at a moment’s notice. That’s because we can recall funny things from fun times, and it has bonded us for life. We can say one word to each other, and the tears of laughter are rolling down our faces. This is what I want for my friend, long-term, with her future husband. Whether they continue to work and live these insane hours, or life settles down, I want them to share memories that connect them like she and I have been connected for almost our entire lives.

Give the Gift of Memories and Fun Dates

Give the gift of memories to a loved one, a best friend, your best friend’s future husband, or someone who needs a little more fun in their lives as they’re living as a couple. Give Date Deck® and see the bond this easy set of prompts creates. Research shows that this bond is crucial in a primary relationship and establishes pathways in the brain that reinforce these good feelings.

I wish my friend a lifetime of happiness. With Date Deck® on board, I know she and her future husband will always be happy. They’ll continue to connect and grow as a couple. What more can I want for someone who has been by my side all these years?

Order Date Deck® online for $19.95. This will be one of the best and meaningful gifts you’ll give this wedding season.

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