New Mama Deck - Advice cards for new moms and our new mama deck

Advice Cards for New Moms and our New Mama Deck

New Mama Deck gives sound advice to those who are new to the mama game.

We've all seen those advice cards at baby showers where guests are supposed to give a little nugget of advice for new parents, right? As a first time mom I feel like there's so much advice that could've been helpful. But, instead, all I got was repeats of "enjoy every moment!" "it goes so fast!" that it quite honestly sort of stressed me out. It just made me think: what is it that I wish I would have seen or known sooner from people who'd already been through it? What more helpful advice would you give now that you've been through it yourself?

For this reason, we created the New Mama Deck. The New Mama Deck is tried and true advice not only for new parents, but to help take care of the new mama. And, to remind her that she is part of this entire process and needs TLC just like the baby does.

How to get help after baby comes home.

Life has changed now that your baby is here, and you might have lots of questions about what to do. These tips can help first-time moms feel confident about caring for a newborn in no time. An important part of caring for a newborn is to also take care of yourself. Consider getting help during this time, which can feel hectic and a bit overwhelming. Relatives and friends might want to help. Even if you disagree on some things, their own experiences might be helpful. Or at least give you one minute to yourself.

I love my new baby. So, why am I sad?

Going from pregnancy to parenthood is a major life change physically and emotionally. During your baby's first few days of life, it's normal to feel emotional highs and lows, something commonly called the "baby blues."

With the baby blues, you might feel happy one minute and tearful or overwhelmed the next. You might find yourself feeling angry, sad, irritable, or discouraged. Feeling this way doesn't mean that you're a "bad" parent or that you don't love your baby.

These mood swings are believed to be caused by hormone changes that happen in a woman's body after she gives birth. Levels of estrogen and progesterone needed during pregnancy suddenly drop, causing shifts in mood. Other things like being tired and not getting enough sleep can also add to these feelings.

Fortunately, the baby blues usually only last for a few days or weeks, and usually stop on their own without medical treatment.

What can I do to feel better?

If you have a case of the baby blues, try to take care of yourself as much as possible. Eat a healthy diet and get as much rest as you can, especially since exhaustion and sleep loss can reinforce and fuel feelings of sadness.

Here are some other things that can help you feel better:

  • Accept help, especially in the first days and weeks after birth.
  • Let family and friends help with errands, food shopping, household chores, or childcare.
  • Let someone prepare a meal or watch your baby while you relax with a shower, bath, or a nap.
  • Get plenty of rest and eat nutritious foods.
  • Talk to loved ones or other new mothers who can help you feel supported and remind you that you're not alone.

If the baby blues last longer than a week or two, or if symptoms become worse, talk to your doctor to discuss whether postpartum depression may be the cause of your emotional lows.

Always remember that mom needs care, too!

Moms need care once they get home from the hospital, and there is often little focus on that. It's important to remember that you have needs that will, perhaps, be pushed to the side at the beginning. Asking for help is very important, especially when you're new to the motherhood game.

Pick up a pack of Hack Decks™ New Mama Deck to find ways to give mom the perspective of self-care that is so important from the beginning of her new baby's life. New Mama Deck is sourced suggestions and recommendations from moms who have been through it. And it provides reminders to take care of yourself while taking care of baby. Give as a shower gift or as a welcome home gift after baby is born. 

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